Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Although Halloween is not practiced regularly in China, it will be
observed at River Garden 1201! All preparations are underway.

Monday, October 10, 2011


As we drove our rental car through the mountains of New York on our return trip to Philly from the marathon in Albany, I thought about the woman sitting next to me and this incredible accomplishment. Say it out loud with me...8 marathons.
Marine Corps
Marine Corps
Virginia Beach
Marine Corps
In the very quick 12 years I have known Joanne, I have seen her run 8 marathons. Amazing; oh and toss in the two triathlons and the half over the Great Wall(duh, not to mention bearing and raising three boys and working full time). I am sitting next to an incredible superstar! I love to see her run, and on race day it is important to me to pack the boys into the car and run them around the course map all day, just so that we can get a thirty second glimpse of her coming towards us down the road. Every time I see her coming into sight, the boys huddled around my legs, heads cocked, trying to see around the other spectators, I am overwhelmed by a feeling of pride - pride in her for being so tough, pride in her strength as a runner(and a mama and a person), pride in her smile at mile 20 - she smiled the whole race yesterday.

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