Saturday, May 21, 2011

Kicking It over the Wall

We left Friday after school and stayed overnight at the base of the Wall in Huangyaguan. The boys snobbishly suggested, "why did you pick a 0 star hotel," but despite bugs in the room, the plyboard "mattresses", and the fire hazard shower, we had a great time! Joanne and her friend Chris ran the half marathon in what has to be the most grueling terrain for any marathon I've ever seen. It was incredible to watch and cheer them on.  As spectators we were able to see every runner pass right out front of our hotel room.  We stayed there cheering until Joanne passed, and the herd of runners subsided, then went into town to watch the finish.

We got to see Joanne 4 times on the race! 

Incredible view of the Yellow Cliffs from our room

Three Beds in the Room

Joanne's 6 AM Departure to the Start/Finish

The Start of the 5K - Right Outside our Hotel Room

Benne and The Wall - 6AM

First Runners over the Top 

Views of the Wall

The End of the Wall? 

Cheering in Town

There is Mama!

New Péngyǒu

Friday, May 20, 2011

LES Track and Field Day

I had my head on a swivel most of the morning trying to see both Devon
and Bennett's participation.
It was a bit cold this morning, a big change from the 80+ temps we've
been having; I even had to go into the School Store and hook up an ISB
hoodie. Some things, like the weather, are tough to explain here in
There were tons of smiles out there as the kids rotated from station
to station to try all of the events.

Clothes Relay

EC4 Long Jump

Bouncy Castle

Pull Your Pal!

Fox Tail Toss

EC4 Hurdles

Snack Time

Egg Carry

Go Team!

Sponge Water Relay