Monday, March 26, 2012

Day Trip to the Ming Tombs

We kicked off Spring Break by taking a road trip North from Shunyi to see what we could find.

I wasn't long before Bennett needed to use the facilities, so we found a gas station with a bathroom.  

He had a look at the first option, "daddy, where is the bathroom?"

"This is it," I laughed.

"What?  Where is the door? Or the roof?" 
"Men's Room"
A little better, at least on the outside

We discovered the 2012 Strawberry Symposium, and an orchard with giant fruit-shaped cottages. 

Random Roadside Donkey
Random Roadside Rocket
Random Roadside Fighter Plane

We discovered an amusement park along the Ming Tomb Reservoir; it was closed, but we saw some great views.

We visited three tomb sites:  Zhou Ling, Ding Ling and Chang Ling.

We had a good lunch at a little fan guan(r) along the way.  When I had a look on 4Square it showed up, but the previous check-in confirmed the spirit of our day.  We checked in.
The food here is a little garlicky

We overheard a "tourguide" showing this giant statue of the Ming Emperor Yangle.   She told the couple, "in original, he wasn't really this big."

The sarcasm oozing,"yeah," in response was all it took to generate a rousing laughter from us.
Zheng He's Ship
Tree grows out of wall