Friday, July 4, 2014


Alright, so it is 3am and I am wide awake, so here goes the recap of the last few days of our return to the states.

We got an omen at a going away dinner with friends.

Dinner with the Reed's was great as usual, but just to be clear the tab was for 1776rmb not 1776usd, but a sign nonetheless that we're coming home:)

We said goodbye to Li Xiu Lan, friends and mommy:(

We packed up the dogs - as come-ups go, they are living right.  From hutong dogs to world travelers.

Meemaw and Pop-pop met us at the airport in my new rig:)

I checked in with the new job at Rock Ridge and got the hard-hat tour of the fields and athletics facilities.

We saw Alec and Jesse and Aunt Kathy at Reston Town Center.

On the drive up to Meemaw and Pop-Pops we had to reacquaint Bennett with the American corn field, hay bales, cattle farms, Gettysburg and the American Civil War, and of course, the road-side ice cream stand.  

Fireworks tonight, a baseball-watching weekend in New England tomorrow, and praying momma gets home to join us soon.  

God Bless America!  What a special time to be home.

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