Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Boys, I write today in honor of our one year anniversary of our
arrival in China.    I am not sure if you can read this at school or
not, but I want you to know how proud I am of the way that you have
accepted this drastic change in our "normal" life.  It is funny to me
how "normal" has changed for us.  It is normal for you to speak
Chinese and correct my attempts; it is normal for you to spend the day
at the Wall or go to Korea for the weekend; it is normal for you to
ask Ayi for help or food or care; it is normal for you to have great
friends from all over the world:  Israel, Australia, China, Singapore,
of course the USA, and many other places.  It is normal for you to
have a stay-home-dad.  Heck, it is even normal to have indoor recess
for bad pollution.  I am sure you never imagined that our life in
China would be so fulfilling.  I know I never did.  Certainly, there
are many things that you miss about our home in America, I do too, but
in the words of Prince Bennett Koch, "we have two, a  Merica home and
a China home." Know that I feel our home is where all five(seven of
you count the lil' brat dogs) of us are, together!  I want you to have
this letter so that you know just how thankful to you I am for making
this my most unforgettable year ever.  You have been such good sports
about this journey, and you need to know how much that means to your
mommy and me.

We love you and couldn't be more proud!



Paul Koch (@pkoch9999)
+151 1692-2787

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bowling Balls

Devon, who after bowling a 16 in the first game and turning quite
distraught, has rebounded with a spare in the 8th frame of the second
game, giving him a 29. He raised his arms in victory and loudly
exclaimed to the crowded alley that his success was because, "I wiped my balls!"