Friday, April 27, 2012

Show Time

Today was C.A.S.T.A. Day in the Elementary school at ISB, and we got take in many of the events. C.A.S.T.A - Celebrate And Share The Arts - is a school-wide day of art displays, performances, and for a substitute teacher in 2nd grade, relative chaos. It was quite fun though, as I got to take my class of youngsters throughout the school to explore many of the shows, including those of my own children. Mommy and Granny viewed Devon's presentation on culture in Mrs. O's classroom. Devon and I got to watch Parker take the stage as the lead in The Monkey King. I sat in on Devon performing various music ensembles using recorder and xylophone. Bennett also played the xylophone and shared a Kindergarter-choreographed dance interpretation of The Snail Song.

A great Friday all around!

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