Wednesday, June 11, 2014

All Last Everything

The daily run of lasts continues.

A last day at the ball park; a few "one last dinner with..."; a last village session with the guys; a last day driving in China:)

Today we finish up school - our last day at ISB.  There is a large collection of people I'll say my last "till next time" to today, as most here are wheels-up just hours after school gets out.  As Devon put it this morning,  "This goodbye is harder.  When we left Virginia, I knew I was coming back.  When we say goodbye today, it might really be goodbye."  

"Hang in there bud, I feel the same way."

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to ISB.  The whole family is better off because of the times at ISB, and I know we will never forget.   When we moved to a place so far away from home - as much in culture as it is in distance - this school community served as a safe haven for the kids, for me.  It became home, and we will always be Dragons, no doubt.  Thank You!

And today's one last bus ride - an ISB tradition - another great example of why this place is awesome!

So school's out, but we'll be here a few more weeks, ticking some more "last time in China" boxes:

One last trip to the Wall.

One last shopping trip to the market - any last requests?

One last party at 1201RG.

But today - a tough and tearful day of lasts - I commit to making this the last "this is the last" post of our China life, and we will turn our attentions to what's coming next - the new journey ahead!

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